Holiday Tips For Your Teeth

The holidays are a fun time of year where there is lots of eating and visiting with family. Even during this time of year it is important to keep your body healthy, including your teeth.

Wear a Mouthguard

While playing those rough and tumble games with your family, such as football, try to remember to wear a mouthguard. Those games can end with teeth being hit pretty hard and sometimes even knocked out. Instead of having to deal with damaged teeth, protect your them by wearing a mouthguard.

Don’t bite on hard things

During this time of year there are lots of hard things people tend to bite on, which can often lead to cracks in your teeth. Using your teeth to open your gifts can be really damaging to your teeth. Opening nuts with your teeth or chewing on your hard candy is also very bad for your teeth. Not biting down on these will help keep your teeth protected.

Try not to snack often

Often times during the holidays we eat consistently throughout the day instead of eating only during meal times. This can allow for bacteria to stay in your mouth. Try to keep your meals consistent instead.

Stay Hydrated

With all the excitement of the holidays, drinking water can be at the bottom at our list. However, getting dehydrated isn't only bad for our body, it is also harmful to our teeth. Replacing your soft drinks or juices with water will also help keep you hydrated and keep your teeth healthier.

This time of year we can forget about our health, but keeping our teeth healthy and clean is important anytime of the year. If you need an appointment, be sure to call Advanced Dentistry at (520) 458-9460

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