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If you have crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, or misaligned jaws, you might want to consider orthodontics. At Gentle Care Dentistry & Implants, in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Kent Hales, DDS, offers traditional metal braces to help improve your smile. If you want to achieve a more balanced, symmetrical smile, schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking online today.

Orthodontics Q&A

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing malpositioned teeth and jaws. It uses oral appliances like plastic aligners, brackets, wires, and rubber bands to straighten your teeth gradually. This process improves your oral hygiene while making it easier to bite and chew.

Additionally, orthodontics can boost your self-esteem. When your teeth are straight, you can speak and smile confidently.

What types of problems can orthodontics correct?

Orthodontics can correct various problems, including:

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Overjet
  • Underbite
  • Misaligned jaws

You might also benefit from orthodontics if you have gaps or spaces between one or several teeth.

What are the types of orthodontics?

The team at Gentle Care Dentistry & Implants offers:

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common type of orthodontics. They use brackets, wires, and rubber bands to reposition your teeth and jaws. Every few months, your Gentle Care Dentistry & Implants provider readjusts your braces. This process ensures you achieve your desired results.

What type of orthodontics is right for me?

To determine the type of orthodontics that’s right for you, the team at Gentle Care Dentistry & Implants conducts an oral exam, reviews your oral health history, and asks about your goals for treatment. After gathering this information, they develop a custom plan that best fits your needs.

How long does treatment with orthodontics take?

The length of orthodontics treatment depends on your individual goals and the underlying issues being addressed. If you decide to undergo orthodontics with traditional braces the process takes an average of 6-24 months.

After you finish wearing your braces, you transition to a retainer. A retainer is a removable mouthpiece that prevents your teeth from moving out of place.

To explore orthodontics further, schedule an appointment at Gentle Care Dentistry & Implants. Call the office or book a consultation online today.


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